So what’s this about?

So I’ve decided to experiment with another blog, which makes 4 – is that excessive?

The plan here is to write about any interesting food and drink things I come across – things we’ve cooked at home, nice meals out, and any interesting things we drink.
Nothing particularly sophisticated and hopefully not pretentious. But there will be photos of my dinner on occasion.

And why is it called “It’s What He Would Have Wanted”?
That’s a nod to my late father who quite liked his food and drink (particularly Syrah/Shiraz red wine and Islay malt whiskies) and was a damn good cook. While it was a horrible time when he died suddenly, there’s a small crumb of comfort in the fact that we cooked up a very nice dinner for the whole family just a week before – a magnificent lump of cote de boeuf.
We use him as a justification for any sort of culinary excess by using the phrase.

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